Yosemite all season

Here we are and it is back to school time again. Randy and I dont have any school aged kids anymore, but we sure have enough grand kids to go around. Current count is 11! What joy it is to be a grand parent! Once school starts, the crowds start thinning down and it is time to think about Fall. Fall in Yosemite! Oh my goodness. It is just wonderful. The air is full of excitement as nature begins to get ready for the chilly months ahead. The leaves quickly show their harvest colors and sail to the valley floor. If you think you are in need of a quiet holiday, Fall in Yosemite is the time to come. Coming up soon is our Mariposa County Fair and Homecoming. If you have ever wanted to experience a real hometown celebration, this is the time! Complete with our own parade downtown, destruction Derby and rodeo! We would love to see you this fall!

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