T Shirt Weather In “Jun-uary”

For some, the current weather is worrisome.. will the rain and snow come? But for many of us long term Sierra Foothill residences, we have seen this weather before. As a young girl, I clearly remember laying out in the sunshine this time of year, trying to get a mid-winter tan and enjoying wearing my short pants instead of my winter gear! I also remember SNOW in June!! Everyone is trying hard to conserve and I am all in favor. Mother Nature is never like clock work, this we all know well. So, let’s enjoy this wonderful weather and hope and pray for some wetter weather in the Spring. This beautiful weather provides opportunities that are clearly not available in the summer, due to much higher traffic and not available in winter due to snow. Mariposa Grove Road is still open, allowing foot traffic through to the Giant Sequoias. Actually, I have hiked up to the Grove in the snow….it is just amazing! Snow shoeing or cross country skiing in the Glacier Point area is fabulous. And to end the day, take time and wait to see the sunsets, they have been out of this world. With early Spring like weather and the crowds still 3 months away, now is the time to HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! Come and visit soon. 294051_2122981966983_735425_n


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  1. Can hardly wait to visit you. We plan on spending a few days in Mariposa and then going to Yosemite. You are so nice to us on the phone and helpful in recommending things to visit in Historic Mariposa. Keep the lights on – we will see you soon.

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